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Privacy Policy for Git Trident

We only ever use your data to help improve Git Trident.

This privacy document has recently been updated with Trident version 1.5.1.

Trident uses Twitter (Answers) to send analytics about how you generally use the App. We send events such as when you view your Pull Requests, create an Issue, determine if you're using GitHub or GitLab, and many other events. We don't send sensitive information about you or your projects contents in these activity events and we absolutely respect your privacy. We use these events to better understand what features are being used in Trident.

Trident uses Twitter Crashlytics for crash reports. Crash report results will only ever be used to fix issues with Trident.

If you register for Push Notifications your GitHub OAuth token and your email address (if entered at registration) are stored on our cloud Push Server. If you wish for these to be removed, please E-mail [email protected]. If you delete Trident from your device, this will normally cause your registration details to be deleted from our Push Server (including E-mail).

If you signup for E-mail updates about Trident, your E-mail address will be stored with MailChimp until you choose to unsubscribe (unsubscribe links are at the bottom of each e-mail, or contact us directly). We will never deliberately share your E-mail address to anyone.