I’ve recently started some consulting work in London, which will keep me busy for the next six months. When I was building the first release of Trident, it occupied all my time (in addition to traveling all over Europe!), the savings I had eventually ran out - time to do some work again!

I have made Trident free to download, and it will remain so for the duration of at least for 2016. Thank-you for those that originally purchased Trident. If Trident ever becomes paid again, you will not have to pay additionally.

Over the next six months I will spend weekends and evenings improving the App, with the goal of adding Push Notifications (amongst other features) to Trident. I intend to use this time to gather feedback from everyone on what features people need from Trident to make it useful to them. At the end of the six months, I hope to see retention figures and engagement with Trident enough to warrant a further six months of full time development time - there’s lots I personally want to improve with Trident.

This has been an amazing journey, and actually interacting with people through Trident has been the most exciting thing for me. It makes me very happy to see Trident helping you with your projects. 😎