Earlier I wrote about v1.4.1, however due to a bug discovered during the TestFlight the release was delayed - GitHub 2FA Authentication wasn’t working correctly (shout out to Ariel Elkin for discovering this 👍).

In the process of delaying the release, more bugs and issues were discovered. A big shout out to Thomas Hartwig for his UX improvements suggestions to the Project Selector, having made a mockup for his improvement suggestions was really cool 😎, GitLab project avatars are now shown. Thomas also solved some issues with the app navigation by moving the host selection out of the Settings Tab and into the modal window. The host selection changes are going to happen in the next release!

This release also adds an early preview for iPad support, more work is needed to fully use the layout of the iPad, which I anticipate to see some progress in the next release with some Master / Detail and layout changes.

I’m happy to say v1.4.1 is now back ‘waiting for review’ again, I went a bit mad and expanded the scope of this release, the full change log is as follows:

  • Added support for iPad.
  • Added support for landscape.
  • Added support for GitLab Project Avatars.
  • Added support for GitLab starred projects (only available in GitLab 8.3+ hosts).
  • Added support for GitHub 2FA.
  • Added support for GitHub Pull Requests.
  • GitLab login now shows HTTPS toggle - incase you’re not using SSL.
  • Improved darkmode, it’s now App wide!
  • Improved the dashboard, goto issues, merge requests and git pushes, straight from the dashboard!
  • Improved history screen, even faster loading of comments.
  • History and Dashboard now support lazy load issue and merge requests.
  • Fixes issue with central spinner showing incorrectly.
  • Increased height of tab bar slightly (48pt).
  • Markdown is cached (in-memory) for speedier scrolling.
  • Fixes some performance issue when switching tabs too often.

Looking forward to v1.5 now 😎