Well its been a long road to finally get to this point, version 1.0 is now waiting for approval! For all the lovely Beta testers, when the App is on the store you should receive a promo code as a small thankyou for testing.

Development doesn’t stop here though, I’ve already started working on the next release! Things I’m working on is an improved news feed, the entire app will also feel more fluid, responsive and animated (thanks to some nifty optimisations). Trident is also going to have the GitLab certificate bundled with the app and enable certificate pinning for GitLab.com connections. Trident will also prompt you to pin your own SSL certificate once you trust it for self hosted GitLab hosts!

For our beta testers, oops yes I’ve broken the current build in HockeyApp, sorry about that! Expect a much improved build in a week or so.

Sneak Peak (of version 1.1)