Git Trident

Social coding made for iOS.

Works with GitHub and GitLab.

Assigned an Issue? Need to merge a Pull Request? You'll know faster than ever!

Issues tamed with Markdown.

Keep an eye on everything

Your issues are at your fingertips, Trident will display labels, milestone, conversation count, so you can find the signal in the noise.

See the detail

It starts here, read the the details of the issue and try to understand the problem.

Continue the conversation

Now you can reply to discussions easily, on the go.

Pull Requests rendered beautifully.

Pull Requests

Want to double check that Pull Request you reviewed earlier, but not at your computer? Now you can.

All the changes

Quickly navigate Pull Request changes and commits.

Diff View

Trident has a nice Diff viewer that shows you the unified view.

View files from any time.

View your files

Navigate all your files and folders.


Select your desired Branch or Tag and you can see the Repo from that selection.

View Code and Images

Trident has some basic syntax highlighting abilities and support for images.

Other notable features.

Multiple GitLab Hosts

Git Trident allows you to add multiple GitLab hosts, so you can easily switch host without re-entering login details.

Variable Font Size

Project files and diff views support variable font size, change the font size to something easier to read.

Supports GitLab 8x and above

Trident has been well tested on GitLab 8x and above. Though, if you see bugs, we're interested in your feedback!

GitLab Self Signed Certificate Support

If you don't use a standard Certificate Authority, don't worry! Trident will prompt you to trust a certificate based on the SHA1 fingerprint. Your certificate will then be pinned.

App Transport Security Enabled

Improved security for and connections using Certificate Pinning and TLS 1.2 Forward Secrecy. Trident will force TLS 1.2 minimum on all secure connections.

Feedback appreicated

Thought of an awesome feature, found a bug? Let me know!

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